Mime-proxy is a program to convert character sets in news articles. It adds support for character sets to newsreaders (such as Xnews or Gravity) that don't manage them.

Outgoing articles ( from the client to the server ) are encoded to the appropriate character set. Incoming articles are decoded to display them. The application is a proxy server, so it relays posts from news servers to one or more newsreaders. To encode outgoing mails properly, an SMTP proxy is also available.


    Support character sets via the Libiconv library
        iso-8859-1 & 15, windows-1252, utf-7, utf-8, ...
    Encode / decode quoted-printable encoding.
    Encode / decode base 64 encoding.
    Encode / decode encoded words (RFC2047).
    Manage multipart MIME articles.
    Manage yEncode encoding.
    Multi servers, one configuration for each.
    Possibility to set configuration via article's header.
    Protocols : NNTP, POP, SMTP.
    Operating Systems  : Windows 32 bits / POSIX

Current version 2.3.c.1 February 4, 2007

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Description and howto in polish :

Mini-Guida alla configurazione in italiano by Luca (thanks!):

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Executable (Windows)

DLL Libiconv iconv.dll
Source files ( Eiffel - SmartEiffel )
Libraries package (Eiffel sources) 5 Mo
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MPlaunch is a little program to run Mime-proxy in a window.
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Features :
License : Eiffel Forum Freeware License, version 1

Current version May 09, 2003.


Executable (Windows)

Sources (Delphi5 + Rxlib)

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